Think of us as a Board of Directors that hold each member accountable for the growth and success of their business goals.

Our Charter

Round Table 12 is an exclusive group of successful entrepreneurs focused on helping the group and other business owners grow and sustain their businesses through mentorship, lean processes, and relationship building.

Can I Join?

Recommended Criteria

  1. Revenue of 250k+
  2. Business owner or partner
  3. 3+ years in business
  4. Be a giver, not a taker
  5. Attend a minimum of 8 out of 10 in-person meetings / year
    1. Meetings are 2nd Friday of every month
  6. Attend 2 Retreats / year

Why Should I Join?


  1. We are NOT a referral group
  2. Average of 20+ years business ownership experience
  3. We share proven business tactics and strategies
  4. We come from a wide variety of industries and verticals
  5. We're here to help support you and your business
  6. We help solve the big issues
  7. We're business owners too, we understand

What we focus on...






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