Round Table 12 Benefits


The goal of RT12 is to help one another.  We find that the support found at RoundTable carries into our day-to-day business and personal lives as relationships are built.

Experience Share

Meet Monthly with your fellow entrepreneurs and share your business and personal experiences with one another.  Simply, learn from others' success stories and failures to become a better version of yourself.  Non-member entrepreneurs are also invited to speak once a month to share their stories.


Find time to work on your business no in it. Semi-annual retreats provide an opportunity to work hard and play hard. Spend the day working with your peers on things that matter to you and spend the evenings decompressing with like-minded individuals.

Goal Setting & Accountability

As the leader of your organization, who is holding you accountable to your goals and aspirations?  The members of RT12 encourage and push each other to reach the pinnacle.


Throughout the year RT12 hosts classes and presentation covering a variety of topics that help you focus on what's important your growth and development.

Problem Solving

All business-owners have marketing, accounting, HR, managerial - problems every day.  Let’s solve them together.


Encouragement to take action when necessary.

Non-Judgmental Attitude

Open share. No stupid questions.




Means to an end. Money to support family.

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