Round Table 12 Benefits



The goal of RT12 is to help one another.  We find that the support found at Round Table 12 carries into our day-to-day business and personal lives as relationships are built.

Experience Share

Meet monthly with your fellow entrepreneurs and share your business and personal experiences with one another.  Simply, learn from others' success stories and failures to become a better version of yourself.  Non-member entrepreneurs are also invited to speak once a month to share their stories.

Goal Setting & Accountability

As the leader of your organization, who is holding you accountable for your goals and aspirations? The members of RT12 encourage and push each other to succeed in their businesses and personal life.

Problem Solving

All business owners have marketing, accounting, HR, and managerial problems. Our collective experience can help you solve any issues you're facing. Let’s solve them together.


Monthly Meetings

We meet on the 2nd Friday of every month, except for the months we have our retreats. This allows us to share our current experiences, update the members on our goals, and get feedback on issues that arise.


In January and July, we have our semi-annual retreats. January focuses on goal setting and new processes, while July is about review and motivation. It provides an opportunity to work hard and play hard. Spend the day working with your peers on things that matter to you and spend the evenings decompressing with like-minded individuals.


We pair you up with a different member of the group every month for personal relationship-building and real-time support.


We've modeled our group around the EOS methodology. Almost all of our members are also using the EOS method in their businesses. It's not mandatory, but the processes learned will translate to improving any business.

We Slack

Access to real-time support for all members through Slack. Have an issue? Message the entire group and get answers fast! We're always available.

BHAG Weekend

What's BHAG? It's your Big Hairy Audacious Goals. In November, we offer a weekend getaway to unplug and concentrate on your life goals, both business and personal.



We're your biggest fans and are here to encourage you to meet your goals. Need a boost? That's why we're here.

Non-Judgmental Attitude

There are no stupid questions in RT12. We share opening without pushback or judgment.


Every member signs an NDA so our discussions are private and internal. We do this so you can discuss any issues, problems, or projects that aren't public.


We are a small group for a reason. We value and appreciate every member and want them to get the most out of this experience. For that reason, we keep the number around twelve, hence Round Table 12.

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