We have modeled our group around the EOS methodology. Almost all of our members are also using the EOS method in their individual businesses.

For more information on EOS, check out these links:

What The Heck Is EOS?

Why we have found EOS to be beneficial:

  1. Improves our businesses organization, efficiency, and simplicity
    1. Our business individually has weekly meetings that help keep issues, ideas, and opportunities more organized and keeps everyone on the same page.
    2. Round Table 12 models after the EOS meeting methods in our monthly meetings.
  2. All RT12 members use the EOS method and language
  3. We set S.M.A.R.T. goals for ourselves and our employees to succeed
    1. We also set Quarterly, Annual, 3-Year, and 10-Year goals
  4. Solving business issues are easier now
  5. Employee engagement increased drastically
  6. Employees are able to claim ownership over their positions
  7. All RT12 members hold each other accountable
  8. EOS helps us as owners hold our employees accountable
  9. EOS allows us to track data easily to know from a 30,000 ft view how your business is doing
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