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Round Table 12 Co-Founder
rajma.net & Rajma Kahn Publishing

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What’s more fun than owning a business? Owning two!


In 1996 I became enamored with the Internet and the educational power of computers. After purchasing a Hewlett-Packard and registering a dial-up AOL account (yes, I still have that account), I dove into what this new frontier had to offer. Being a musician and creative person, I decided to teach myself how to create flyers and a website for Graphic Pink, the band I was performing with at the time. With a cool Gif-ridden GeoCities website and a firm grasp of Photoshop, I was on my way to Internet dominance.

Fast forward to 2003 and I had created quite a handful of websites and digital marketing pieces for friends and small businesses in the Youngstown area; to the extent that I needed to incorporate into a business for tax purposes, rajma.net was born.

Since then, I’ve designed, developed, and launched next-generation solutions for businesses of all sizes, from the local music store to giants like Heinz, Ferrari, Cotton, and many more.

To see more clients, our services, and an archive of our company websites (go to the Company page), just head on over to rajma.net.
“Creative design, for a digital world”

Rajma Kahn Publishing

Started in 2020, I formed this music-publishing company after getting the opportunity to write and record music for a new Amazon series. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, the project was scrapped, but this venture opened the flood gates of creativity and I continue to write and record new material, not only for public release but also to be submitted for sync licensing.

Sync Licensing
The process of licensing music for movies, television shows, advertisements, video games, presentations, YouTube videos, or any other product where music and moving images are used simultaneously.

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