Ron Emery

Round Table 12 Emeritus Member
Chair - Youngstown SCORE

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Ron has over 30 years in global manufacturing, supply chain, and operations working with large Fortune 500 companies as well as small businesses. He has built a solid track record of enhancing performance either as a consultant or an executive within the enterprise. He has hands-on operational excellence experience including lean, 6S, and business transformation. Ron has a unique blend of communicative, strategic, and tactical skills that allow him to deal at the board level as well as on the shop floor. He runs his own consulting business and is Chair of Youngstown SCORE as well as teaches entrepreneurship at a number of universities.

He can talk at the 50,000-foot level or take it “down to the nuts and bolts”. He has a great understanding of process engineering and frequently lectures on the subject. Ron has worked in various industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, mining as well as hard-liner industrial manufacturing of compressors, motors, and engines. He received an award from a client, Cummins as the person who made the most significant change in their business during a significant turnaround on a business in Wisconsin.

He is a graduate of Hiram College and Antioch University. He speaks at many ISM, APICS, and ASQ events and was President of the Youngstown Chapter of APICS for 10 years. He teaches and lectures at various universities teaching operations, economics, marketing, finance, and accounting and has written several books on process improvement, mentoring, and coaching for enhanced business performance improvement.

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