Sue Moran

Round Table 12 Treasurer
Optical Solutions

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Well, they say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that is not true. After working in the optometry field for 30 years, I decided to take a leap of faith and invest in myself at the age of 55 and own the optometry business for myself. I started Optical Solutions in July of 2014 and have gone full steam ahead ever since. I look back and wonder how did I ever make payroll, or pay the rent or even pay off the frames, but I did it with determination, the grace of God, and the power of the Round Table 12 group.

I have a passion for people so having people have the best vision possible with a well-made pair of glasses has fueled my desire to have a great optometry practice. I can’t lie and say the road is easy but the needs of our patients are first and foremost in our practice. Our mission is to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and receive one-on-one personalized attention in tending to your eye care needs. We have also put together a caring team that loves their job and also loves our patients, you are family to us.

When I am not taking care of our patient's eye care needs, I have 2 dogs, Gizmo and Coco, my mom lives with me, and have 3 grown children a daughter Caty and her husband in Kannapolis, NC, and the boys Christopher and Brandon in Columbus., so as you can guess on my downtime I do a lot of driving to see the kids, I am very involved at Canfield Presbyterian Church, for I believe all good things come from above and in return I need to pay it forward in helping others. I love to vacation at Oak Island, North Carolina, it is my safe haven and a place where I can recharge. I am just like the title of an old Christmas movie, It’s a wonderful life.

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