Vanessa Fuchs

Round Table 12 Member
Sassy Sensations LLC.

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Prior to starting Sassy Sensations my career in sales was primarily in the Steel Industry.  I was the first salesperson in our family’s environmental business. My father, Don Fuchs’ motto was “No problem”. For myself, no problem meant knocking on doors of businesses without an appointment, with the goal to introduce myself, and the services of the company. Money was tight so I kept my waitress job and continued taking classes and completed my BA at Robert Morris University (back then a college).

After leaving the family business I became a scrap trader (unheard of for a female back then), and then Vice President of Sales (or some title) for a warehouse company dealing in ferroalloys.

Opportunity knocked in 1997 when I attended an in-home party. Recently divorced I was doing nothing but going to work. I attended the party unaware of what it was. A couple of margaritas later I started to see the potential of a business offering items not available at your local mall could be. Shortly after Sassy Sensations was created.

I’ve since been remarried. My husband Tom also has a business. He is supportive and understands that having a business also means you are always working in the business.

When you don’t put limitations on yourself or what others tell you that you can or can not do it’s amazing what can happen. With 3 Boutiques, a website, and an amazing Sassy Team who knows what will happen next.

Being a member of Round Table 12 and having the support of other entrepreneurs, I hope to find out.

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